Rebecca Newman Design is a UK based design studio creating bespoke surface patterns for the design industry. Rebecca graduated in Mixed Media Textile Design from the University of Leeds in 2005 and has since created and sold hand rendered designs internationally on an anonymous freelance basis through her UK agent. 

Finding herself caught up in the corporate world of Property Management for a number of years, she finally broke free in 2016 to follow her dream and set up her very own design studio producing an exclusive range of homeware.  She strongly believes in doing what you love and has an unfaltering passion for good design.  Her own house renovations found her in the fortunate position to truly express her interior design style.  Since writing her dissertation on William Morris, that famous quote of having nothing in your home that you do not deem to be useful or beautiful, resonates whole heartedly with her and is how she views her own design creations. She'd secretly always opt for beautiful over useful!

Rebecca takes inspiration from the diverse city of Birmingham, the organic world and life in general.  Although she's never been a huge fan of social media she is finally getting on board and expanding her horizons. She lives and works in Birmingham, UK and is surrounded by her exceptionally supportive partner, family and friends.